Sunday, September 5, 2021

Elvis Coffee Mug by Bellino



The KING of Rock N' Roll !!!

Start your morning off right. There's not many things better in life, than a good fresh brewed cup of Coffee to start your morning off right. Nothing better than if it's in a limited edition, one-of-a-kind Coffee Mug designed by the artist Bellino of The KING of Rock n' Roll, none other than the late great Elvis Presley. Those of us who Love our coffee will agree that they start there day off right with a good cup of Joe. "It's one of the simple pleasures of life, as they say." And if you're one of the many millions of Elvis Fans, you're going to want to put you morning coffee in this Elvis Handsome Devil Coffee Mug. So get yours today, and don't forget to get a couple more for your friends and family. They make Great Gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, and all occasions.



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