Thursday, March 22, 2018

HOT COFFEE ... a Poem

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Hot Coffee I Love thee So  
Do You Love Me?
It matters not My love for thee, is unrequited
Whether you love me or not

Still thee do I Love You're warm You're Hot
I Love It HOT !

Your taste Oh so Good

I need you whether or not  you need me ...
Still, you're always there for Me
Each and every day
every morning the Year through
Year After Year
you're there
For Me

I have thee whether or not 
You want me
Your'e Hot then warm
then cold
Kind of like Love

Still, you're always there
I have you 
two or three times a day
sometimes more

You comfort me 
you're always there
You're coffee sometimes Sweet
  sometimes not
  you can be bitter at times but I love when you're Hot!

Thanks for your Comfort, your taste   
your consistency

  You're Coffee
  I Love thee so

a  Poem by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke



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