Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Importance of Coffee

Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, making US the leading consumer in the world. We are definitely huge on coffee. Where ever you go, Starbucks seems to be on every corner. The rich coffee smell that floats out of the shops invites all to walk in and take a break inside the comfy little store. Why is coffee so important to most people? Coffee is the fuel for people that are thirsty for an extra shove of energy. Coffee is the magic potion for all sleep- deprived students. Coffee is the peace that minds of disturbed people are in need of. To some, coffee is a drink of refreshment that their taste buds enjoy. To others, coffee is essential to life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a coffee lover or not. You have to agree that coffee is a pretty big part of our life. If coffee does not make you happy, it’s okay, because it makes someone around you happy, and that is a good enough reason to make you appreciate it. And with the skills coffee makers have today, I’m sure the day that they make a coffee that suits your taste is near.

Just smelling coffee could make you less stressed.

Researchers at the Seoul National University examined the brains of rats who were stressed with sleep deprivation and discovered that those who were exposed to coffee aromas experienced changes in brain proteins tied to that stress. Note, this aroma study doesn’t relate to stress by itself, only to the stress felt as a result of sleep deprivation. Now, we’re not entirely sure if this means you should keep a bag of roasted coffee beans on your nightstand every night, but feel free to try!

Coffee can make you feel happier.
A study done by the National Institute of Health found that those who drink four or more cups of coffee were about 10 percent less likely to be depressed than those who had never touched the java. And apparently it’s not because of the “caffeine high” — Coke can also give you a caffeine high, but it’s linked to depression. Study author, Honglei Chen, MD, PhD, told that the proposed reason coffee makes you feel good is because of those trusty antioxidants.
So be Happy and drink your daily Coffee, one of life's great simple pleasures. Enjoy!

"I'm having my Coffee"


Making Bangers & Mash to Go with The COFFEE  !!!!


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