Saturday, October 18, 2014

Starbucks Coffee Taste Like Piss


"Why Does Starbucks Tatste Pissy" ???

Have you ever noticed it? Probably not. Starbucks Pikes Place Coffee has a pissing kind of
taste to it ..  It has pissy tasty characterisitcs to it .. It does. Its the acdity in their coffee that gives a slight twing of pee-pee .. Most people don't releive it. Their taste buds might not be very discerning. But for those people with discerning palates, they no the taste, and that's what I've always felt about their coffee, I never really liked it much .. "Why the hell go there then?" you ask .. Well, I never really liked Starbucks that much and don't normally go to one by choice, and I hardly ever do .. I have some great local independent cafes in my neighborhood of New York's Greenwich Village, so I go to these places each and everyday. However, sometimes when I'm in midtown or other neighborhood other than my own and I need to get a coffee and get on mylaptop, there's always a Satrbucks. So on the rare occasions you might find me in a Satrbucks, it's purely out of necessity .. And I can remember back to the second or third, or was it the 4th cup of Starbucks Pike Place I had, I noticed that sort of Pissy taste. I don't really care for it, and if I'm in a Starbucks, I'm there more for a seat inside, and the Wifi than for the coffee which I don't really like that much. The Coffee at the two local cafes I frequent daily are superior in taste to anything Satrbucks could ever dream of ..  I've been going to Caffe Dante on Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village for almost 30 years (Since 1985) .. Caffe Dante is the # 1 most authentic best Italian Coffee in all of New York. You can get New York's Best Espresso there, as well as a great Cappuccino or Caffe Latte ...
My other favorite cafe is a couple blocks away at Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan Street, where they make tasty muffins, cookies, and a Chocolate Pear Tart "To Die For." Here's where I drink my good ol Cup of Joe, aka American Coffee .. Once Upon a Tart serves New York's "Finest Coffee" from the towns single Best Coffee Roasters in Porto Rico Coffee Co. ... The Greenwich Village Italian Longo Family has been importing raw coffee beans and roasting them in The Village for more than 100 years, so these people know what they are doing .. And the prices are great. You can get a pound of fresh roast and ground coffee at  the Porto Rico Shop on Bleecker Street for a mere $6.99 ... I've often wondered, why the hell would anyone in their right mind buy mass produced Satrbucks Coffee at almost double the price ($12.95) when they can get a pound at Porto Rico for much less? Some people are just dumb I guess. Dumbness? This would explain why millions would pay $5.50 daily for something from Starbucks when they can get better for less.
Anyway, the serve tasty Porto Rico / Peter's Blend at Once Upon a Tart .. This coffee is sublime, in its rich tasty coffee smoothness, and not a trace of the acidity that a cup of Starbucks Coffee has .. I drink it each and every day. The Porto Rico Cofee at The Tart that is. And I just love it. It's one of New York's best. Best cups of coffee, and boy I'm lucky I don't have to settle for Starbucks. Hardly ever that is.
Basta !!!

NOTE: As of this writing (October 18, 2014) our beloved Once Upon a Tart is closed .. It closed 2 months ago after 23 years on Sullivan Street in Soho / Greenwich Village ... I've just hear some happy news ... Once Upon a Tart is scheduled to re-open on November 7, 2014. "Oh Happy Day." Please, I hope it's true. Me and its many loyal patrons. We just love the Tart and miss it dearly.

This is an Email I Received from the Owner of ONCE UPON a TART

It Reads: Good News, after 2 months closed, Once Upon a Tart will re-open November 7th ..

Jerome Audureau




ABIDE !!!!


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