Sunday, April 7, 2013


ACROSS THE STREET From The Beautiful

Well just came out of the World's Most Beautiful Cathedral, The Cathedral of Saint John The Devine. As always the visit was magnificient and "Awe Inspiring," Truly! I've been in many beautiful Churches and Cathedrals around the World, not all but many. I've been to the famed Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, to one in Montreal as well, to St. Peter's in Rome, The Cathedral of St. Marks Venice, The Sagrada Familia in Barcelonam Beautiful Churches in Positano, Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Gorgeous Churches in
Rio de Janiero, and even there exist a Beautiful Cathedral in believe it or not Newark, new Jersey. And of all these beautiful Churches and Cathedrals, I've never seen any, that in My Mind, is as Beautiful and Awe Inspiring as the Cathedral of Saint John The Devine way up on 113th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in the Columbia Heights section of "Guess What? New York City.
What's that you say? You're from New York, and you've never heard of this Magnificent place. Don't worry! you're not alone."
I'm sure 90% of all New Yorkers have never heard of this almost Secret Gem of Manhattan. I've been there more than a dozen times in my life, and every time I've ever taken anyone there, it had been their first trip and they were all absolutely "Amazed."
Anyway, I can ramble on-and-on about the place, its Beauty and Awe inspiring Magnificent and you might seem like I'm some kind of nut. That old cliche of "Words Can't Describe" the beauty of this place may have never run truer. Words can not do justice to the feelings you'll get when inside. But speaking of Words, all you have to do is take my word and go there. At least once in your life. You'll be Amazed! Truly!
Now, on to the Hungarian Pastry Shop across from the Great Cathedral. The place is awesome, and without a doubt, one of New York's Great Cafes, as well of one of my picks for World's Best Cafes. The place has everything a great cafe needs in order to be considered great, plus one thing many don't have. They make all their own pastries, cakes, cookies, and absolutely thee Best Croissants in all of New York. OK, they got that, which isn't a requirement to be in the Great Cafe Class, but it's definitely a "Plus." OK, a great cafe also needs a wonderful cozy comfortable ambiance, Great Coffee, a Cool Eclectic Client which includes artists and writers etc., along with a Great Vibe. A must! So yes, The Hungarian Pastry Shop has all of these and in Spades. The place is filled with Columbia and Barnard University students and a sprinkling of faculty I guess. There are writers, local residents, and usually anybody who goes to a cafe, by definition has "Something Going On." And being a cross from the Cathedral of Saint John The Divine, there are tourists, and let's Thank God for the tourists because other than the parishioners of the church there wouldn't be many to admire this Great Wonder of New York. As stated earlier, New Yorkers for the most part, don't even know this Gem of a Cathedral even exists. What a shame. But the tourists do, more so even than the natives. Oh well.
Back to the pastry shop. It is really a wonderful little place. it's filled with life. The tourists stopping in for a Cappuccino and some sweets, the students studying and what not, writers writing, artists contemplating, and locals having their daily Cup of Joe. I Love it.
Don't get to go there that often, it's so far away, about 115 blocks. I live in the Village, the most wonderful neighborhood in new York, and I pretty much have everything I need there.
But Saint John's is so absolutely wonderful that I think I should try to make a point of shooting up there once every 4-6 weeks. Go into the Cathedral, feel the Majesty, then bop over across the street for a cup of Coffee and a pastry or two. And listen, "You should too. At least Once in your life!"

The Cathedral of Saint John The Divine and the Hungarian Pastry Shop are both at Amsterdam and 112-113 Street in New York, NY

The 1 TRAIN Station is 2 blocks away, and You can take
The C Train at 110 Street and Central park West, about
4 blocks walk. Make a whole day of it. Go to Cnetral Park, the Cathedral of course, You can go to "Tom's" of SEINFELD fame 2 blocks away on Broadway for a Burger, Breakfast or whatever, and a must visit to the Hungarian Pastry Shop Cafe for a Great Day in Columbia heights NY, NY

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

photos Daniel Bellino Zwicke

                                The CATHEDRAL of SAINT JOHN THE DIVINE
                                          Is BEAUTIFUL and Awe INSPIRING
                                             And If You've Never Been There 
                                                I Highly Recommend You Do
                                                         No Matter Your Faith

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